Annual Events

The following is a list of annual events held at the Rotten Brothers Pub & Grill  (see the Clifton Calendar for exact dates)

New Years Eve Party!
Celebrate the New Year with dinner and dancing. Party hats and party favors, music and more. A great way to bring in the new year.

Guest Soup Night.
Starting a week after the gun deer season ends, each Monday night is Guest Soup Night. Legend has it that Nick loves soup but could never make a small batch. After a large batch of Nick’s famous chili a bar patron offered to bring in a batch of soup the next week. And so the tradition was born. Each Monday night running from early December to early March people sign up and bring in the soup of their choice. Beef n Barley to Potato Cheese, you never know what’s on the menu until you show up! And the best part is IT’S FREE – but arrive early, the soups on at 4:30 and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Sportsmen Hunts / Contests.
Starting in December and running through March the Rotten Brothers sponsors a number of unique small game hunts. A small donation registers your team for the events which include a squirrel hunt, a coyote hunt, a pigeon hunt, a crow hunt, and rabbit hunt and more!

Clifton Sportsmen Club Wild Game Feed.
Traditionally held in February it’s the social event of the winter! It’s not uncommon to taste bear, venison, elk, antelope, and more! Your donation helps the Sportsmen Club with Trout Stocking and other services.

Spring Turkey Hunting Big Bird Contest.
Sign up before your season to get in on the fun! Contest details and regulations are posted inside the bar.

Green Bay Packer Football!
Watch the game on one of 3 large flat screen LCD TV’s and enjoy a free jello shot on every score! But Packer fans beware, Nick’s a Packer fan but Nadine prefers the purple team from across the river!

Clifton Tractor Ride.
Bring your favorite tractor and join in the fun as we ride from one town to the other, enjoying the beautiful fall foliage in October. It’s like a tractor parade!

Gun Deer Season.
Gather around the warm fireplace and enjoy a hot meal and a cold drink during deer season. Stories of hunting prowess and blunders abound! Get in on the Big Buck Little Buck Contest for a chance at big cash!