The town of Clifton is located in Eastern Monroe County at the intersection of County Road A and County Road N. Geographically it’s located on the edge of the famous Wisconsin Driftless Area. This area of southwestern Wisconsin escaped the four major advances of the continental glaciers. The resulting landscape is unlike any in the Midwest. Large valleys called Coulees were created when glacial melt water rushed over the surrounding terrain. Exposed outcrops and bluffs are common in this part of Wisconsin with springs, caves, and rugged twisting roads.

A drive to Clifton today finds a small unincorporated village nestled in the Lemonweir River Valley. It’s hard to imagine that Clifton was once a busy little community boasting a hotel, sawmill, grist mill, two livery stables, a dress shop, a school, a general store, blacksmith shops, a shoe factory, two churches, and four saloons. When the main highway route was re-routed north the businesses went with it. All that remains are a few local residents, the Rotten Brothers Pub and Grill, and the western Wisconsin charm that can only be found in a small community. We hope to see you soon.